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We have an amazing offering of specialized industrial supplies for sale and for rental. We also offer warehouse rentals and expert services for all your industrial needs. All of our products are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry safety standards. View our full catalog in order to know all of our products, as well as our additional services.

We can also ship our products around the world and work with several strategic partners and distributors in order to make each order as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about our products and services, please get in touch today.

ZilliVibroFeeders & conveyors feeders, The Ultra Vibrating Feeders

Precise Performance

ZilliVibroFeeders, The Ultra Vibrating Feeders are capable of conveying from 1Kg/hr up to 1,000.0Te/hr.
Up to 10 meters of length.
Open or enclosed.
Inclined, declined or horizontal.
Driven by ZilliVibroMotors.
Mechanical exciters, pneumatic or electromagnetic vibrators.
A though or tubular design.
Isolated by steel coil springs, rubber anti-vibration or rosta amounts.

ZilliVibroFeeders, The Ultra Vibrating F

ZilliVibroFeeders & conveyor Feeders, The Ultra Vibrating Feeders

Feel the Power

ZilliVibroFeeders & conveyors Feeders, The Ultra Vibrating Feeders we offer with more option utility than just forwarding conveyors.

We can offer to divert feed system for quadruple discharger.

Forward and reverse feed discharger.

Obstacle rotation gear.

De-Oil Vibratory conveyor.

Inspection Vibrating Conveyors.

Scarff feeder vibratory conveyors.

Mix flavour system.

Screening feeder conveyor.

Glazing vibratory conveyors.

Washing system vibrating conveyors.


ZilliVibroFeeder & Conveyor Feeders

Trusty & Reliable

ZilliVibroFeeder & Conveyor Feeders with hang spring system.

For the place where the floor is a limitation, we can offer a hanging system with spring or Rosta amount fixers.

ZilliVibroFeeder & Conveyor Feeders can be made from Mild Steel or Stainless Steel structure.

Integrated with a dry system.

Cooling system.

Water Jacked system with hot or cold water.

A jacked system with a Chiller.

Washing system.

Monitor Sensors.

Intelligent control panel.

Start and stop. 

ZilliVibroFeeder & Conveyor Feeders.jpg

Interested in doing business with us? We have a wide range of products for all your industry needs. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

ZilliVibroFeeders, The Ultra Vibrating Feeders: Our Products
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